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Private: Asana - Early Bird Zoom Special

Am I doing it correctly? What is grounding? Is my head in the right place? What is that person doing? Why does this hurt me while others look so peaceful? Is it okay to have an asana as a goal? Do I have to do this every day? How do I…? Why…?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions or wondered something similar while practicing asana, then this private is for you. All bodies are unique and all are perfect manifestations as they are, including their potential for change and karmic evolution (environmental, genetic, behavioral, imaginative, mental, and even spiritual).

Asana, or alignment within the physical body, can be the beginning or the final key to transforming our being, facilitating an evolution of consciousness, satisfying a goal, creating a sense of peace in the body, or simply scratching an itch. Let’s find out what it is for you in this asana-focused private that will help deepen your practice.

Enjoy this specialized care without having to leave the comfort of your own home using Zoom.

$100.00 USD. / session. *Covid-19 Pricing: Half Off = $50.00 / session.

Duration: 1 hr.