Clinics are essential tools, facilitating a deeper introduction, extended practice, and integration of yoga methods and wellness approaches for your community.

They are amazing opportunities to focus in on or develop a clear birds-eye view of a specific subject matter, practice, or life condition.

The opportunity to take a deep dive into a specific area is often unavailable in the context of a regular class, workplace practice, or patient visit.

Organizations that lack the on-staff expertise, time, or resources to provide specialized wellness practices for their members can utilize clinics to fill the gaps.

Clinics may take two, four, eight, or sixteen hours. Some examples of what you may choose to explore are below (note that Swarupa is happy to customize a clinic to fit the specialized needs of your community):

Ayatavida Hatha Yoga (Extended Discovery of Poses)

Rooting: Foundation in Asana

The Cervical Spine: Posture Play

Core Radiance: Extension from Center

The Limbs: Lengthen and Strengthen


Kratumana Hatha Yoga (Strength Building Sequencing)

Align and Flow

Dynamic Flow

Core Alignment


Zamasatkara Hatha Yoga (Kind and Curative Yoga)

Yoga for Cancer

Yoga for the Elderly

Yoga for Bone Health

Yoga for Headaches

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief


Pratibhitta Hatha Yoga (Poses with the Wall)

An Extra Dimension: Introducing the Wall

Strength Building: Two Roots

Inversions: Prepping to Freestand


Dharana and Dhyana (Concentration and Meditation)

Active Mind: Developing Concentration

Letting Go: Allowing for Meditation

Peak Performance: Meditation in the Workplace

Mantra and Mantram: Sacred Sounds Within and Without

Japa: Mantra, Mala, and Mantram

Bija: Growing the Seed Syllables


Pranic Awareness (The Vibrational Being)

Prana and Rayi: Duality as Divine Union

Pranic Anatomy: The Esoteric Body in Yoga


Pranayama (The Breathing Practices)

Sama Vritti and Dheergha Swasam: Gentle Breath Control

Kappalabhati: The Marriage of Ha and Tha in the Breath

Naddhi Suddhi: Breath, Culmination, and Concentration

Kriya: Healing through the Breath


Pandasadhya Yoga (Wisdom Cultivating)

The Kosha: Embodied in Five Dimensions

Yoga Nidra: The Kosha, the Science

Aum: Yoga’s Rosetta Stone

*Custom (unlisted) Clinics, to suite the specific needs of a demographic or to fulfill a particular goal are available (prior to marketing, please allow the possibility of four to six weeks development time).

**For those communities in need, all Clinics can also be modified into a format for a regular class(s) (prior to marketing, please allow the possibility of four to six weeks development time).