Class: All-Level — Live Stream
SEP 10, 2020, 10 - 11am EDT

This all-level yoga class is suitable for ages teen to golden.

Enjoy centering, joint warm-ups, a whole-body physical practice, guided deep relaxation, and a brief seated meditation. Suitable for all body types, strengths, and ranges of motion (prop guidance and soothing music).

Great for those interested in learning about yoga, developing a regular practice, connecting to the breath, deepening mind-body awareness, or simply stretching after a morning workout of your choosing.

Props: Please have your own mat, block(s), blanket(s), and a strap as we may use any and / or all of them. A folding chair or cushions are also helpful for those with mobility or stillness challenges. Household rug(s), blanket(s), pillow(s), belt(s), etc. can be substituted with a little imagination.

Preparation: You may choose to use a computer or handheld device of your preference. In either case the audio feed from that device will be toggled off until you activate it yourself; if you want to talk to me or the group please remember to mute it again when you are complete. For ideal results, if its an option, you may consider positioning the camera with a side view of your mat or chair so that I may observe and better guide your practice.

*Once you have registered, a receipt will be sent to the email you provide; a quick-link to the class will be on that receipt. Click the link to be redirected into the class. If its your first time using Zoom, you may be guided through a setup first.

I'll be entering the class ten or fifteen minutes early. If you have any questions about the class I'll do my best to field them during that time. See you then!

*Covid-19 Pricing: By Donation

Duration: 1 hr.

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