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Private: Spiritual Counseling

In this busy modern age, the importance of maintaining a connection to the divine (however that is defined for you) is an essential component to a human’s sense of well-being. The framework and foundation of private spiritual counseling sessions springs forth from the thread connecting many diverse and valued faiths and sciences.

Reconnect to the divine as you explore the depths of who you are and want to be, while deepening your connection to the Pure Spirit within all. No matter your faith, these sessions are customized to suit your spiritual needs.

Within Brooklyn and Manhattan, enjoy this specialized care without having to leave the comfort of your own home, office, local: studio, medical, natural, or spiritual center — as a socially distant house call.

For those who prefer, Zoom sessions are also available: for your convenience, if you are house bound, you are a high risk individual, live elsewhere, etc.

$100.00 USD. / appointment. *Covid-19 Pricing: Half Off = $50.00 / session.

Duration: 1 hr.